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All Star Smash Mouth link 1 x 108 x All_Star
Back on the Chain Gang Pretenders link 1 x 140 x BackOnCG
Break My Stride Uniques II link 1 110 x Break_My
Can't Stand Loosing Police link 1 140 x CantStnd
Could you be Loved Marley link 2 104 x CouldYou
Cruel Summer Bananarama link 2 x CruelSum
Drivers Seat Sniff n the Tears link 2 x driverS
Everey Little Thing Police link 2 88 x everyLit
Golden Years David Bowie x
House of Fun Madness link 2 110 x HousOfun
I Shot the Sheriff Marley link x
Into the Night (16 Years Old) Benny Mardones x
Khama Chameleon Culture Club link 3 200 x KarmaCn
Kingston Town UB40 link 3 x kingston
La Cope de la Vida Ricky Martin link 2 120 x CopaVida
Look Away Banana Republic link 2 80 x FlyHnds
Master Blaster Stevie Wonder link 3 131 x MasterB
Montego Bay Boby Bloom link 3 118 x Montego
Mysterious Girl Peter Andre link 3 x MystryGl
Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs x
NoOne 2002 Banana Republic link 3 135 NoOne
Our House Madness link 4 122 x OurHouse
Redemption song Marley x
Reggae Christmas Bryan Adams x
Reggae Nights Jimmy Cliff link 4 x RegaNhts
Shes not There Santana link 4 128 x ShesNotT
Smooth Santana link 4 115 x Smooth
Solid Rock Goanna x
Soul Kind of Feeling Dynamic Hepnotics link 4 x SoulFeel
Sounds (this is Australia) Gang Ga Jang link 4 130 x SoundsOf
Spirits in the Material World Police link 4 140 x Spirits
Sugar Archies link 4 122 x Sugar
Sun Up Banana Republic link 5 x SunUp
The Sign Ace of Bass link 5 x   98 x theSign
Walk & Don't Look Back Peter Tosh x
Walking on the Sun Sugar Ray link 5 123 x wlkingOn
Wrapped Around Your Finger Police link 5 x 125 x wrapped

to download files: right click 'midi' midi and select 'save target as'. Navigate to where you want to save the file, hit save.
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