Aus Reggae Banana Repblic

Rik Evans-Deane onBass

on Bass

Bass guitar and vocals:
Meet Rik, the rhythmic heartbeat of Banana Republic! From the early days of primary school, Rik has been wielding the bass and gracing stages with his musical prowess. His journey through bands and orchestras has been nothing short of impressive, showcasing his dedication to the art of music.
Certified in Music Theory, Rik brings a depth of knowledge to the Banana Republic ensemble, playing a pivotal role in the band's songwriting process. His bass lines lay the foundation for the infectious groove that defines the band's distinctive sound. Rik's musical journey is not just about notes and rhythms; it's a testament to his lifelong commitment to the art form.
Join Rik and experience the melodic magic he brings to Banana Republic. Whether he's holding down the low end or contributing to the creative process, Rik is an integral part of the musical alchemy that makes Banana Republic's sound truly unique.

Ahmed Bakhach onGuitar

on Guitar

Lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar:
Introducing Ahmed, the soulful strings maestro of Banana Republic! Ahmed's journey with the guitar began when he was knee-high to a spliff, and since then, he's been on a musical odyssey, performing in duos, trios, and various reggae bands, including Tinggilagi and Just Us.
With a musical education rooted in dedication, Ahmed earned his T.O.P. in music at Preston College of Music, solidifying his expertise and passion for the craft. His guitar skills have become an integral part of the Banana Republic experience, adding layers of melody and rhythm to the band's vibrant sound.
Beyond his impressive musical resume, Ahmed is a key contributor to Banana Republic's songwriting team. His creative input and unique perspective infuse the band's compositions with a distinctive flair, making each song a testament to the collective talent within the group.
Join Ahmed on this sonic journey with Banana Republic, where his masterful guitar work and songwriting prowess contribute to the band's dynamic and infectious sound. Discover the musical tapestry woven by Ahmed and experience the reggae magic he brings to the stage.

'Hitta' (Washington) Castilo: onSkins

on Skins

Drums,percussion and vocals:
Meet Hitta, a seasoned percussionist with over two decades of rhythmic expertise. With a musical journey spanning twenty odd years, Hitta infuses Banana Republic with a wealth of experience and the authentic rhythms rooted in his native South America. His mastery of drums, percussion, and vocals adds a distinctive flavor to the band's sound, creating an irresistible groove that captivates audiences and brings the spirit of South America to Banana Republic's musical canvas. Join Hitta on this rhythmic adventure, where his passion and skill contribute to the heartbeat of the band, making each performance an unforgettable sonic experience.